Jessica Simpson had secret affair with a famous movie star
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With whom did Jessica Simpson (42) have a secret relationship? The singer became famous in the 90s. Since then she has not only been able to make a name for herself with her music but also gained a foothold in the film industry. She now tells her grueling life story in her first book. In it, she also reveals a well-kept secret: Jessica had a brief affair with a Hollywood megastar.


Jessica also opens up about her love life in her book, Movie Star: They Always Say They’re Single. In doing so, she reveals a piquant story: In 2001, at the age of 21, she met a Hollywood star whom she had loved since she was a child. “This megastar, who I thought was so hot as a kid, looked me up and down like he was undressing me with his eyes,” recalls the 42-year-old. But the experience wasn’t particularly great. The celebrity complimented her, but she also felt a little belittled: “I felt like a call girl.”

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However, Jessica did not reveal who the film star was. She only gave a few hints. Among other things, she explained that he is so famous that you even know him if you have little to do with films. When she met him in 2001, he was already known and had other relationships at the time.