Jessie J (35) will soon be able to hold her offspring in her arms! Earlier this year, the singer shared some good news with her community: she’s expecting her first baby! Since then, the “Price Tag” interpreter has been happy to keep her followers up to date with new updates from her everyday pregnancy life. In a cute video has jessie now hold her baby’s strong kicks!

Via Instagram Splits jessie a video in her story on Monday, with which she gives her fans a direct view of her bare baby bump. In it you can see: Her offspring kicks around properly in her bulging baby tummy. The 35-year-old also shows with another snapshot that it can’t be long until the birth. In a selfie with her mother, the pregnant woman proudly holds her big ball in front of the camera.

Just in time for US Mother’s Day last March jessie already a few touching words to her son. “Thank you for gifting me with the most beautiful experience I have ever had and the most important role I will ever play in my life”she gushed on her Instagramprofile next to an ultrasound image of her unborn child.