Jirard Khalil Bio, Girlfriend, Age, Height and Other Facts

Jirard Khalil Bio, Girlfriend, Age, Height and Other Facts

YouTube has continued to showcase great talent that would otherwise have been limited in its sphere of influence and popularity without the help of the video-sharing site. The beauty of this is that the scope is not limited, which is to be expected as more and more skills are developed in it, and celebrities are produced in their numbers. I think the most important requirement to be a member of the community is to be yourself and be willing to share what you do with the teeming audience who are more than willing to be your audience, not to mention that you always strive to make your trade better every day. One of those rare talents that made us fall in love with him every time we click on his channel is avid gamer Jirard Khalil, host of the YouTube review game show The Completionist.

Jirard Khalil is also the co-host of the Super Beard Bros. he completes one game a week and reviews the game on his channel, which ranges from casual games to hardcore games. Here are all the things you always wanted to know about this super cool gamer.

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Jirard Khalil’s Bio, Age

The creator of the Completionist was born on January 3, 1988, in California. He is the youngest of the five children of Charles and Kareen (died 2013), Khalil. His siblings include a brother, Jacque, and sisters, Leila, Monika, and Kellee. Jirard graduated in 2011 from California State University, Fullerton, with a double major in Radio, Television, Film BA / General Degree in Theater Arts – BA.

Jirard Khalil – Bio, Girlfriend, Age, Height and Other Facts
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He grew up in a family where there was an inheritance, so he inherited his brother’s Nintendo Entertainment System and a library of games. Since he was limited to the games he had inherited, he was unable to play anything new, which led him to play the same games repeatedly. He got so used to them that, over time, he learned every secret and searched every possible place in them. That’s how his obsession with completing games began and eventually evolved into his YouTube review show The Completionist. The show is based on this concept: completing a game 100% and giving a review of the entire game and checking if it’s worth completing it 100%.

The first game he finished was Super Mario Bros. and eventually, he was able to get new games every time he finished a game. But that only became possible (getting new games) when he got Donkey Kong Country 2 and finished it. The game that was something like his key to the endless possibilities that abound in the world of video games became his favorite game of all time.

Jirard Khalil not only plays and reviews video games but also acts and writes. He is known for Continue? (2009) and JonTron (2010). He also runs his own production company, One Video Entertainment LLC, which represents his work on his web series.

Among the many features that set the avid gamer apart is his large beard, which he often uses as part of his show. Mostly he shaves it off for charity or as part of a gag on the show. A Let’s Play channel, which he hosts together with his friend Alex Faciane, is even named Super Beard Bros. after his big mane.

The Completionist

The Completionist is a platform where he creates complete reviews of various games that he has completed and publishes these reviews weekly, every Friday. These games range from relatively simple games like Megaman to absurdly impossible to complete games like Skyrim. He began work on the series in September 2011 with the first episode of the game, Mega Man X.

In the series “That One Video Gamer”, which is broadcast on his channel, Jirard Khalil plays games at the request of the fans, analyzing all aspects of the game. He also looks at the overall gameplay, presentation, and storyline, and focuses on what bonuses will be awarded at the conclusion of the games. He also looks at how many hours it took him to complete the game and how many collectibles he received in total.

However, the episodes end with a general score that asks the game whether it is 100% worth finishing or not. The scores range from finishing, quitting, playing, watching, or donating.

Jirard Khalil Girlfriend

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Jirard is currently in a sweet relationship with a Canadian artist and editor, Amanda Flagg. She designs shirts and sells them on theyetee.com. In May 2016 she moved from Canada to Los Angeles.

Height and Other Facts about Jirard Khalil

Jirard is 8 inches taller than 5 feet.

He was born with a spinal hemangioma (benign tumors most commonly found in the mid-back (thorax) and lower back (lumbar).

His nickname is Dragon Rider.

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He hasn’t written a review of his favorite game Donkey Kong Country 2 but has said he will not do so until it’s time to finish The Completionist.

Jirard Khalil has completed more than 220 games for his station.

His station has gained more than 800,000 subscribers.

He was inspired by the YouTuber by Andre from the cast of Black Nerd Comedy and The Warp Zone.

He was inspired to create The Completionist by Dodger from PressHeartToContinue.

The hardest games he has played are Catherine and Metal Gear Solid 1.

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