Joachim Llambi (58) talks about money! The half-Spaniard has become an integral part of the German television landscape. The TV personality not only sits on the Let’s Dance jury, but has also hosted various game shows such as “Jeopardy!”. But how much does the cash register ring for the 58-year-old through the TV jobs? Now pack Joachim about his finances, revealing: He didn’t get rich from “Let’s Dance”!

Joachim knows about money – after all, he once completed an apprenticeship as a bank clerk. His mother worked in a tax office. With “Let’s Dance”, however, he never negotiates his fee for a long time. “I never push it to the last cent,” said the adjudicator Picture open to. Although the fee allows him and his family “a nice life”, he “does not have three million in the account […] – not even close”the native of Duisburg clarified.

“It would have been different in the 90s, because ‘Let’s Dance’ would certainly have made me rich. There were moon salaries under the former RTL boss Helmut Thoma, which of course are no longer paid today,” he says Joachim. He even earned more on the stock exchange than he does now on “Let’s Dance”. Nevertheless, he knows what it means to “pinch your ass cheeks” in the middle of the month because you didn’t have enough money. As Joachim When he was eleven years old, his father had to be cared for, which is why a complete salary was lost, remembered Joachim return.