Joelina Drews (27) seems to be totally on cloud nine. In August 2021, the singer made her new relationship public. She has been with her boyfriend for almost two years now AdrianLouis happy. The two had met at a songwriter session. In the past, the beauty has raved about her loved one and life together. Well betrays Joelinathat the couple already has clear ideas about their future together.

In an interview with Colorful the 27-year-old speaks openly about her relationship with the “Milky Way” interpreter. She also talks about their future plans. “We’re considering looking for an apartment in Berlin. As a second home,” begins Joelina to report. At some point she wants to come with me Adrian then emigrate. “In the long term we see each other abroad, in Dubai or Los Angeles – but I’m currently leaning towards Dubai”she reveals.

During the conversation, Jürgen Drews’ (77) daughter is also totally enthusiastic. She says: “We complement each other very well and learn from each other. We’ve both developed a lot over the last year because we push and support each other“. She continues that for the lovebirds there are no goals that are too high.