What bothers Jessica Haller (33) most about her husband Johannes (35)? The former bachelorette has been with her runner-up since 2020, the wedding followed a year later and the birth of her daughter Hailey-Su (1) made family happiness in Ibiza perfect. The influencer and her husband now know each other inside out – and have also learned to love each other’s quirks: For example, Johannes doesn’t help Jessi around the house!

On Instagram Jessi was asked what bothers her the most about her husband – and she immediately had an answer ready! “He never finds his way to the garbage can or the laundry basket. He’s afraid of Zewa and everything that has to do with the household.”, explains the influencer. But in the meantime she has learned to live with Johannes’ biggest quirk: “[…] Because he is the best dad I could imagine for my daughter and the hardest working person I know.”

Jessica has recently had significantly less to do in the household than before: The family has moved from their huge villa on the Spanish island to a new home. Saying goodbye, however, was difficult for her. “I wish I could wrap things up quickly and look forward to the new chapter, but when I’m attached to something, it’s really”the 33-year-old complained.

Source: celebtap.com