Nobody would have expected that. The musician John Lennon (✝40) became a world star overnight as the singer and guitarist of the successful band “The Beatles”. But on December 8, 1980, fans had to cope with a tragic incident, because the co-founder of the Beatles was shot at the age of only 40. the convicted murderer, Mark David Chapman (67), has been behind bars ever since. But a British documentary is now bringing new information to light and raising some questions.

TV presenter David Whelan has been dealing with this case for three years and spoke to the doctor responsible, Dr. David Halleran and the nurses who treated John after he was shot. David found out that the coroner was being investigated shortly after the incident for misleading the cause of death. Also, John Lennon was actually shot from behind, but Dr. Halleran now claims that the entry holes were said to have been in the chest.

The official version of the course of events differs from the new information. The singer and his wife were said to have passed John’s killer on the night of December 8, 1980 on their way home. He was only a few meters away and shot the star several times in the back. He was arrested shortly after the crime and convicted a little later.