Johnny Orlando Bio, Age Height, Girlfriend, Where Does He Live Today?

Johnny Orlando Bio, Age Height, Girlfriend, Where Does He Live Today?

Many teenagers who have become stars owe their fame to YouTube, and Johnny Orlando is just one of many who have benefited enormously from the existence of the video-sharing platform.

No! Orlando is not one of those YouTube stars who give DIY tips, he is an incredibly talented singer who, with the help of his sister, started putting his cover of popular songs online and gradually attracted the attention of the world.

How many people in the world? you might ask… Johnny Orlando has a whopping 5 million followers on Instagram and 3 million and counts the subscribers on his YouTube channel of the same name. He has over 10 million fans on his entire social media platform.

Orlando is the next Justin Bieber, dare we say. (FYI: Biebs is the world’s most-followed male music artist on Instagram with 99 million followers). Another similarity between him and JB? They are both Canadian. Orlando has gone from pure cover to his own music, and they sound pretty amazing. He even goes on tour and performs in sold-out houses, and he doesn’t even have a record deal (as of 2018). And what else? There is an interview at Forbes where Johnny is introduced.

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Johnny Orlando Bio (Age and other Background Details)

Johnny Orlando was born on January 24, 2003, in Mississauga, Canada, the son of parents Meredith and Dale Orlando. His family includes two older sisters, Darian and Madison, and a younger sister named Lauren. Johnny is the only son of his parents. As he grew up, Johnny came into contact with various types of music that his father played in the house.

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This fueled his love for music and at the age of 6, he started singing at school and with his older sister Darian. Although neither of his parents is a good singer, the ability to sing lies in the Orlando genes, as his paternal grandmother was a good singer.

When Johnny was 8 years old (about a month before his 9th birthday), his sister Darian (then 13 years old), after receiving their parents’ consent, started a YouTube channel and started publishing videos of Johnny covering popular songs. Their parents had allowed them to continue with the videos because they didn’t think it would attract much interest, but they were in for a shock.

Johnny’s first video got about 10,000 hits, the next one got 50,000 hits and the numbers kept rising! Among his earliest successful videos were the cover to Shawn Mendes’ Stitches and Taylor Swifts Bad Blood.

Johny originally aspired to be a hockey player, but as his covers gained traction, he shifted his focus entirely to music. By the end of 2015, Johnny Orlando’s fame had shot over the roof. In 2016 he switched to other platforms such as and also started to tour the United States with MAGCON.

Orlando had started to make original music at the age of 9, some of the earliest, including “Summertime”, “Replay” and “Never Give Up”. In the summer of 2016, however, he began to take his own music seriously when he released his first single, “Let Go”.

Among Johnny’s other original songs “The Most”, “Everything” and “Thinking About You”. He has become a frequent collaborator with Dance Mom’s former Mackenzie Ziegler. Their first joint song “Day & Night” was released in late 2016. They also toured Europe together.

Orlando’s father Dale Orlando, who is a lawyer, is currently acting as his manager. In an interview with Róisín Meets of the Irish Times in 2018, he revealed that he was negotiating a record deal with labels.

Where Does Johnny Orlando Live Today?

Johnny Orlando was born in Canada and still lives in Canada. As his father revealed in his interview on Róisín Meets, Johnny would stay with the family until he turns 18 or 19 and decides to go off on his own.

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Johnny attends a private school for competitive athletes in Canada. At school, he plays hockey but has since given up his dreams of playing hockey to concentrate on music. The advantage of going to school is that he can be away for about 3 to 4 weeks. Johnny then uses this time to concentrate on his music.

He has been nominated for a couple of Kid’s Choice and Teens Choice Awards.

His Girlfriend

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Everyone and everyone thinks that Johnny is in a relationship with his Mackenzie Ziegler. The duo was brought together by their music producers and soon they started working together and became very close.

Their individual social media sites are flooded with photos/videos of themselves, forcing fans to speculate about their dates. However, neither Johnny nor Mackenzie have said anything about a relationship except that they are just really close friends.


Johnny Orlando is in his teens, which means he’s still growing. He’s currently standing at a height of 5 feet 4 inches, which is 5’6″. Chances are that Orlando would be close to reaching the 1.80-meter mark and beyond by the time he reaches adulthood.

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