Jona Steinig (27) reports personally about the rumors of love. The former Bachelorette candidate and Sandra Sicora (31) were spotted a few days ago getting suspiciously close to each other at an event. Since then, there has been speculation as to whether the influencer and the former Temptation Island VIP attendee are a couple. after himself sandra had commented on their relationship status, Jonah is now pouring pure wine!

Across from celebrity flash the 27-year-old revealed that he actually only knew Sandra briefly – but they actually talked at the event. “[Sandra] looked at me the whole time and that’s why at some point we started flirting and flirting a bit. We were drunk and in a good mood too”, Jonah recalled that evening. But nothing else happened between the two.

Instead, Jona has a much more important question: How did the picture of him and the 31-year-old come about in the first place? The two were in the VIP area when the picture was taken. According to Jona, Sandra aimed to be photographed with him: “I only saw from the side that a friend of hers had pointed the phone in our direction.”