Jorja Fox Married, Partner, Quick Facts, Is She Lesbian?

Jorja Fox Married, Partner, Quick Facts, Is She Lesbian?

Jorja Fox is an American producer and actress who is respected in the production industry for her flawless acting skills and roles.

As an actress, she has appeared in over 30 films and television shows but is best known for her role as Dr. Maggie Doyle in ER, a medical series that ran from 1996 to 1999.

She also has another successful drama series under her name, The West Wing. Fox was produced in 2010 and played the secret service agent Gina Toscano in the political drama series “The West Wing”.

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Without a doubt, most people know only the actress on screen. But you learn more about her life, her age, whether she is married and who her partner is. We will also present the answer to the controversial question of whether she is lesbian or not.

Jorja Fox Bio – Age

The actress Jorja-An Fox is the daughter of the Montreal-born couple Edward Fox and Marilyn Fox, who is of French-Canadian, Belgian and Irish descent. She was born on July 7, 1968, in New York City, USA.

Edward and Marilyn are also parents of Jeff Fox, Jorja’s older brother, who was born in 1957. The actress grew up in Melbourne Beach, Florida, where she also completed two years of high school education at Melbourne High School. She studied acting under the guidance of acting veteran William Hickey at the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York.

Fox was first discovered by an agent in a local shopping mall. She began her modeling career after winning the crown at a local modeling competition.

Jorja Fox Married, Partner, Quick Facts, Is She Lesbian?
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Is She Married, Who’s Her Partner?

Well, the actress Fox is single and could probably marry one day. It is known that she has dated a man all her life. His name is Gary Dourdan. The couple was together from 2001 to 2002.

Gary Dourdan is an American actor who was born on December 11, 1966, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He became known for his role as Warrick Brown in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Other than the above information, there are no other rumors or reports about Jorja Fox’s boyfriend, his married life, and his children.

Is Jorja Fox Lesbian?

Jorja Fox has come a long way in her career and has an interesting story about her life and how she made the most of it. An interesting aspect of her life is the fact that she loves ladies and prefers them to the company of the opposite sex.

As a proud lesbian, the model has lived in at least three known relationships. Her last known relationship was with Lelah Foster, a popular actress known for her roles in The Ten Rules (2002), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2000), and Selena (1997).

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The couple started dating in 2014 but decided to end the relationship after a few years. Before her relationship with Lelah, Jorja had been with actress Sami Reed, her lover, whom she allegedly cheated on with Lelah. Reed was forced to move out of Fox’s guest house after she found out that the latter had cheated on her.

Fox also met the American actress Suzanne Mara, who is supposed to be her first known partner. The film stars started a relationship sometime in 2002 but separated again after a while.

At the moment Fox is single and probably looking for another partner with whom she can spend her beautiful moments.

Quick Facts About The Actress

1. The name of the actress “Jorya” is pronounced “Georgia

2. As a child she was chubby. She also had a conspicuous gap in her teeth. When she grew up, she thought that the gap would close with age, but to her disappointment, it didn’t. The actress said that at the age of 20 she had decided not to worry about her teeth.

3. Fox has a lovely dog named Bexar. She adopted the dog from a street in Bexar County, Texas.

4. In 2003 she was ranked 80th sexiest woman in Stuff’s publication “103 Sexiest Women”.

5. besides acting, Jorja also loves singing, playing guitar, and traveling.

6. She has a beautiful handbag named after her by the Montreal-based vegan brand Matt & Nat. ( named after her.

7. Fox has been a dedicated vegetarian since she was 19 years old. Her love of vegan nutrition has led her to work with the American animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to promote vegetarianism.

8. She has an estimated net worth of 6 million dollars.

9. Her sun sign is cancer.

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