Jose Bautista Bio, Stats, Who Is The Wife, His Net Worth, Salary, Age, Height

Jose Bautista Bio, Stats, Who Is The Wife, His Net Worth, Salary, Age, Height

From the beginnings of his professional baseball career to the present day, Jose Bautista has won several awards and successes and rewarded himself with enormous wealth that has made him one of the greats in the sport. The qualities that distinguish this lad in his profession range from his exceptional and remarkable character to his super-precise and fast baseball skills.

The baseball superstar, affectionately known as Joey Bats, owes his enviable success in baseball to his total commitment and hard work in his chosen career. He is currently under contract with the New York Mets with a one-year contract as a right-field player and third baseman for the Major League Baseball (MLB) team at No. 11.

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José Bautista Bio (Age)

The New York Mets star was born José Antonio Bautista Santos on October 19, 1980, in the Dominican Republic as the son of Sandra Bautista (mother), who worked as an accountant and financial planner. We have learned that his father, Americo Bautista, received a Master’s degree in Agricultural Engineering from Hungary and ran a poultry farm. Bautista has a younger brother, Luis Bautista, who is also interested in baseball.

José Bautista Bio, Stats, Who Is The Wife, His Net Worth, Salary, Age, Height
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The fact that Bautista comes from a middle-class family in the Dominican Republic, where education is very important, led him to start studying English at the age of eight. He went through a private high school – De La Salle High School – located in Santo Domingo. The budding star promoted his education with the help of the Latin Athletes Education Fund, which was exclusively intended for potential players from Spanish-speaking countries with the ambition of playing college baseball in the United States of America.

While pursuing a career in baseball, José Bautista did not give up his education but studied Business Administration at the Pontifical Catholic Mother and Teacher’s University. It is on record that he turned down a contract with the Yankees and the Arizona Diamondbacks before starting his MLB career with the Baltimore Orioles. His big break came when the Pittsburgh Pirates voted him into the MLB draft 2000. Bautista was drafted in the 20th round, which gave him his dream – a perfect platform to advance his baseball career.

Since then, the baseball star has played for other well-known clubs. From 2008 to 2017 he was with the Toronto Blue Jays. In 2018 he had a short stint with the Atlanta Braves before signing a one-year contract with the New York Mets on 22 May 2018.

MLB Career Stats

  • At Bats – 5808
  • Runs – 979
  • Hits – 1445
  • Home Runs – 333
  • Runs Batted In – 938
  • Stolen Bases – 67
  • Batting Average – 249
  • On Base Percentage – 362
  • On Base Plus Slugging – 840

Jose Bautista Salary and Net Worth

The famous baseball player plays in the league of rich sportsmen. In 2016 his annual salary was 14 million USD and his net worth was estimated at $35 million. The dynamic sportsman earned a large part of his wealth through several contracts and prize money. Although several figures are currently cited as the value of the man’s wealth, it is generally believed that his net worth is still around the 2016 estimate. However, his wealth is expected to improve significantly as he is very active in the field.

The one-year contract he signed with the Toronto Blue Jays in mid-January 2017 was worth $18 million. The contract was backed by a reciprocal and a vesting option for 2018 and 2019, worth 17 and 18 million dollars respectively.

Who Is Jose Bautista Wife?

José Bautista Bio, Stats, Who Is The Wife, His Net Worth, Salary, Age, Height
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Bautista’s love life revolves around Neisha Croyle, with whom he had a long relationship. It is also known that she is more than just a girlfriend for the superstar baseball player. Neisha is also the mother of his two daughters, Estela Marie, who was born on 6 April 2011, and Ava, who was welcomed into the world the following year, in November 2012 to be precise.

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Only a handful of things are known about the woman who was the love of Joey Bats’ life. Her personal information seems to be difficult to access, as she has given the media no reason to invade her privacy. Although her desire to keep her private life private was widely respected, she couldn’t hide her marriage to the baseball star from the public. It is common knowledge that the couple got married sometime in November 2017 in Florida.

Height – How Tall Is He?

The baseball player of the New York Mets is indeed a big guy, standing at an admirable height of 6 feet (1.82 m) and weighing about 205 lb (93 kg), which is a good combination for his athletic efforts.

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