In October they became parents for the second time! Josh Peck (36) and his wife Paige O’Brien have been married since 2017, their first son Max was born in 2018. Josh is also doing really well professionally at the moment: In the second season of “How I Met Your Father” he will slip back into his well-known role. He and leading actress Hilary Duff (35) have a close friendship. Josh now explains what advice Hilary had for him and Paige before the birth of child number two!

Josh told Us Weekly of the best advice he got from co-star Hilary before the birth of his son Shai. As a mother of three, the actress has some wisdom to share with Josh: “Hilary opined: ‘Let Max give Shai a house tour. He should be able to show him all his favorite corners of the playroom or whatever else is important to him so that it feels like he’s welcoming Shai into the house’.” Was the advice followed? Paige explains that son Max is said to have quickly gotten used to his new sibling.

Paige also got some helpful tips from friends. “One of my friends said we should ‘prioritize’ Max so he doesn’t feel left out. So we made sure he was involved in everything. We acted as a team, not just me with the baby.”