What does the co-parenting of Bibi (30) and Julian Classen (30) look like? The two YouTubers had been a couple for thirteen years and had two children. The two split up shockingly last year. Since then there has been radio silence on the influencer’s channels – she has neither reported the separation nor has she given any sign of life since last May. Now tinkered Julian but with his children something for Bibi.

In its Instagram-Story showed Julian yesterday how he spent the day with his kids. Together they went for a walk in the park and to the playground – but since it was Mother’s Day, a gift for Lio’s (4) mother and Emily (3) not missing: The three apparently made a large poster that read “Happy Mother’s Day”. As decoration, the children probably glued flowers they had picked themselves to the cardboard. “Happy Birthday to all the moms out there”the network star wrote innocently.

last had Julian in the celebrity flashinterview gave a rare insight into his relationship with his ex-wife. “Everyone always has the kids for a week and then we always send each other pictures of the kids and keep up to date on how the kids are doing.”he revealed.

Source: celebtap.com