Tanja Makarić (26) protects Julian Claßen’s (29) wife Bibi Claßen (30)! Split up last year Bibi and Julian quite surprising after photos surfaced of the entrepreneur with another man. But just a few months later Julian his new relationship with the former swimmer public. Since then, there have been repeated comments that are against Bibi turn around. But Tanya is obviously fed up with it and defends the mother of two.

Under the newest Instagram-Post by Julianon which he with Tanya can be seen, a follower commented that he made a much better choice with the brunette than with Bibi. “I appreciate the compliment, but I find it very disrespectful to the mother of my partner’s children”countered Tanya and then asked: “I would wish that such comments would be avoided in the future.” To support his new girlfriend’s statement, he posted Julian the conversation as a screenshot in his story.

seem general Bibi and Tanya probably get along quite well. made in the past month Julian’s new girlfriend even advertised the YouTuber’s shower foam. “Have the products from today for the first time Julian and Bibi tried out. The Hammer!”she wrote enthusiastically.

Source: celebtap.com