Does Julian Zietlow actually take drugs? The influencer had together with his still wife Alina Schulte in the courtyard built a real fitness empire. He also had two children with her. But since last summer, the web star seems to have gone astray. He probably joined a sect in Thailand that is said to advocate drugs. Well opened Julian himself about the rumors regarding his consumption.

The 38-year-old spoke in RTL-Interview about his change of heart. He explained that his soul guides his path and that since he listens to it, his life is much better. Julian also added: “If you blame it on the drugs: ‘He got like this because of the drugs.’ What the heck? Am I fine or not? Only I can say that. And I’m fantastic.” Is this a confirmation that the social media star is actually using substances?

Since Julian has turned his life upside down, he is also going through life with a new woman. He found his “soul mate, queen and goddess” in his new girlfriend Kate. The 25-year-old probably feels the same way. At least she recently announced: “He is God, He is my God!”