Julian Zietlow was probably wrong. The entrepreneur has attracted increasing attention in recent weeks: he made it public that he was his wife Alina Schulte in the courtyard and his children, joined a Thai sect and now has a new partner named Kate. Even if he is now quite happy with the brunette, he doubted her intentions, especially at the beginning, because: Julian initially thought Kate was just trying to pull him off!

“I thought she was a Russian millionaire hunter, that was in my head”the former fitness influencer explained on the podcast “Four Junkies”. After all, his father and friends drummed into him that women should only be out for money. But in the end, the attraction to the beauty was just too great, which is why they had honest conversations to get rid of the prejudices. “I just fell in love […]. She showed me absolute love. She didn’t show me tolerance and acceptance for this statement, but respect and support,” explained the emigrant.

However, it wasn’t all peace, joy and pancakes between Julian and Kate from the start. “I broke up with Kate after a few days because I realized I wasn’t ready to deal with this goddess.”, revealed the father of two and admitted: “Only the attraction was so hard, it was so much there.” That brought them back together.

Source: celebtap.com