For Julian Zietlow’s new girlfriend Kate, he’s probably everything! The Berliner became known a few years ago with his fitness videos. For 18 years he went through life with his wife Alina Schulte in Hoff. But for a few weeks now, the web star has been drawing attention to itself with strange statements. In addition, Julian now has a new woman at his side – and this one has a very special nickname for him.

In the RTLinterview, the native Russian spoke about her partner. She admitted she hadn’t felt any attraction after their first meeting since Julian was very withdrawn and shy. But that quickly changed: “After the second meeting, I realized that I like him. This is the love of my life.” She went even further and trumpeted out: “He is God, He is my God!” The 38-year-old also found his “soul mate, queen and goddess” in Kate.

But what does the mother of Julian’s children about it? “I’m not feeling bad, I don’t want to say much about the whole situation,” said the beauty in her Instagram-Story voiced. “He stays and is the father of my children and I don’t want my children to have a public mud fight under any circumstances”Alina had continued.