Everyone was really in a good mood here! Sarah Engels (30) and her husband Julian Engels (30) seem to be of the same heart. A few weeks ago, the couple said yes in Bali for the second time and showed their fans once more: the singer and the ex-kicker are totally in love. For Julian’s 30th birthday, DSDS awareness had planned a surprise party – and it went off: Celebrated so exuberantly Julian, Sarah and her grandpa too!

In your Instagram-Story, she proudly shows the moment when her 85-year-old grandfather went off with many other guests. “Even my grandpa couldn’t resist. He’s just the absolute coolest.”writes Sarah in addition. In the video, she cheers on her grandfather as he shows off his best moves. “These are the moments that I always want to carry in my heart. It’s so good to see him come alive again,” she continues.

Also Sarah’s Man Julian must have been having a pretty good time – the 30-year-old hit the dance floor. “I’m so proud that we never drink alcohol at parties like this either. You just don’t need it to really party,” emphasizes the interpreter of “Te Amo Mi Amor”.

Source: celebtap.com