She speaks plain language! Julian and Bibi Claßen (30) went through life together for a long time. They had even been married for four years. Sohnemann left their relationship lio and daughter Emily out. In 2022, the love of the YouTuber couple broke up. Both are now happily taken. But is it strange for Julian’s girlfriend Tanja (26) that he has children with another woman?

“No, of course not! Children are the greatest happiness in the world. They bring you the greatest joy and the greatest love”Tanja clarifies during a question and answer session in her Instagram-Story up. Children are the most honest creatures. “It’s a huge change, definitely, but it’s the most beautiful thing in the world,” enthuses the influencer.

A few weeks ago, Tanja raved about her Julian – in combination with a baby. In her story, she shared a video of her partner strolling through a restaurant with her sister’s child. “My God, isn’t that what every woman wants to see at some point?”, she rejoiced. “My heart is bursting and exploding,” added the swimmer.