How did Anya Elsner’s circle of friends change after her participation in Germany’s next top model? In the Heidi Klum (49) show, the model candidate always emphasized that she was a real lone fighter: she only had one friend in her private life and didn’t want to find any confidants among her competitors either because she had had bad experiences with the wrong friends . After her show-off could Anyas Now change your circle of friends!

In the celebrity flashinterview, the passionate loner reveals how her friendships are currently – and it actually seems Anya to make new contacts! “Since GNTM is over, I’ve been talking a lot to two of my work colleagues. I can imagine that beautiful friendships can develop from this.”the dental assistant is optimistic.

With her solitary nature Anya often teased in the model show. Across from celebrity flash she admits to having “done a lot wrong”. However, she also acted this way because of the pressure on the show and is often different in private life. “If I behaved like I did with GNTM, I would have been fired a long time ago”she clarifies.