Kate Merlan (36) and Jakub Jarecki (27) want to save their marriage! In 2021, the reality TV actress married the footballer – but their happiness in love did not last long. The surprising separation followed. However, after his prominent participation, the ex-couple seems to have found each other again. The two spend a lot of time together again. Betray now Kate and Jakub: They are now getting help with their sex life too.

previously existed Jakub openly admit that he doesn’t bother Kate sleep because he knows she really wants a baby. Since the two of them should not only run again interpersonally, but also in bed, they got help. “We’re still in marriage therapy. We’re also currently doing sex therapy. We’re doing a lot, things are progressing.”told Kate across from celebrity flash at the launch of the TK Maxx online shop in the Supercandy Pop-Up Museum in Cologne.

One thing is certain for the two of them: They don’t want to and can’t be without each other. “We’ve gotten very close lately, but we’ve still had ups and downs. It’ll always be the case with us that we’ll bitch each other.”white Kate. The opinion is also Jakub: “There’s no question that we belong together. We just want to find a way for our drama to find a middle ground.” If her sex life should pick up speed again thanks to therapy, I know Kate however, what she thinks of her Jakub expected. “If we were to get together, he’d have to start shoving a roast down my tube,” the 36-year-old clarified.

Source: celebtap.com