Kate Merlan (36) no longer believes in a happy ending. After a year of relationship, the TV personality sailed into marriage with former soccer player Jakub Merlan-Jarecki (27). But luck didn’t last long – a short time later the two went their separate ways. At Prominent Separate, the former lovebirds met again and got closer. Even after participating in the reality show, they worked together on their marriage. But now Kate blurted out that Jakub had not used this further opportunity.

In a question and answer session Instagram a curious fan of the reality star wanted to know how things were going with his husband Jakub. “There were always advances, which were very nice, until he ruined everything again.”, Kate answered the question. She also gave Jakub several chances – but unfortunately he didn’t take them.

The tattoo model also revealed whether she still thinks a love comeback with Jakub is possible. “He has promised to completely change his lifestyle now”, admitted Kate. Nevertheless, she made it clear: “Currently I’m not convinced. I just don’t trust him anymore, unfortunately.” Do you think the two can still save their marriage? Vote below!

Source: celebtap.com