Kathleen Peterson Crime Scene Photos: The Staircase Documentary
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After the release of the famous Netflix documentary “The Staircase Documentary”, Kathleen Peterson crime Scene Photos are searched by many users.

The Staircase Documentary was released on Netflix on 22 July 2004. This documentary was based on the death of Kathleen Peterson.

In addition to the documentary, the photographs of Kathleen Peterson’s crime scene were also disturbing, as blood was spread in the pool where Kathleen’s body was found in October 2003.

In December 2001, Peterson’s corpse was found in the same pool at the bottom of the staircase of their home in Durham, North Carolina.

Kathleen Peterson Crime Scene Photos: The Staircase Documentary
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When Kathleen was found dead, her husband Michael Peterson said she had slipped down the stairs while intoxicated with drink and valium. However, when her autopsy report was made public, it contradicted what she had said about Michael.

Kathleen Peterson’s crime scene photographs went viral on the internet. However, they were removed from some sites because they were disturbing.

The crime scene images were then shared on Reddit, where they were shared by many users. According to the Reddit post, her corpse was found on a ladder on 9 December 2001.

The images were disturbing because the entire pool was covered in her blood.

How Did Kathleen Peterson Die?

Kathleen Peterson’s husband Michael called the police at 2.40 am to report that his wife has died and her corpse has been found at the bottom of the staircase of their house on 8 December.

Michael told police that he and Kathleen had spent the night together and said that later that night he found his wife’s body at the bottom of the staircase.

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During the investigation, the detective suspected something unusual about her death because the amount of blood in the pool at the crime scene was significant.

The detective’s first suspect was her husband, who had spent the whole night with his wife and later claimed to have found her dead in the stairwell.

A forensic report has been published that concluded that seven deep cuts have been found on her face alongside bruises.

Michael Peterson Arrested For His Wife, Kathleen Peterson’s Death

After Kathleen’s death, the case has taken to court because the forensic report and the husband’s statements did not match at all.

During the trial, the prosecutor argued to the jury that she has been hit on the buttocks. This caused her death and Michael is the one who did it.

Kathleen Peterson Crime Scene Photos: The Staircase Documentary
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As the jury continued to deliberate, Michael’s attorney approached the jury with the issue that his wife Kathleen had been drinking wine and valium, which caused her to become dizzy and fall down the stairs. During the inquest, Michael’s neighbors put forward another theory.

The neighbors claimed that Kathleen’s death has caused by an owl attack. They said that the owl could have attacked her at night when she was near the stairs.

The prosecutor said that Michael’s wife caught him with another man. Michael was homosexual and his wife, searching his computer, caught 2,000 private photographs of male escorts in Michael’s e-mail.

The prosecutor said his wife had found out about his bisexuality and Michael killed her for letting him know.

Who Killed Kathleen?

In the end, all the evidence presented in the case showed that Michael Peterson killed his wife, Caitlin Peterson. He has sentenced to life imprisonment in October 2003.

Kathleen Peterson Crime Scene Photos: The Staircase Documentary

He has granted a new trial in 2011, but she accepted Alford’s confession. This helped him avoid trial and he has released with “time served”.