This is how her eye-catching looks come about! The German rapper Katja Krasavice (26) is on the jury for this year’s season of DSDS. For two weeks, the singing talents have been fighting for the title of superstar 2023 in the live shows of the music show. The blonde attracts everyone’s attention week after week with her unusual looks! Now Katja revealed how her outfits for the shows come about.

In the RTLinterview, the rapper reveals that she has a very specific look in mind before every live show. She then discusses this with her seamstress. Above all, it is important to her that her personality comes through the outfit. Her clothes always let you look deep, but Katja feels super comfortable in the unique pieces. “Everyone should feel as comfortable as they want, every body is beautiful,” she explains.

The blonde has done a lot for her slim body. “I lost ten kilos in three months”, she openly admits. Katja also explains how she did it: “I just tracked. You just have to calculate, there are endless apps for that (…), and you just track.”