Can she understand Rebecca Ries? In the last episode of The Bachelor, things were exciting: On the night of the roses, Rebecca revealed to the bachelor David Jackson that her comrade-in-arms Chiara Dülberg had no serious intentions and was only there for fame. The Dubai emigrant was not deterred and took Chiara to the next round. But how was the drama received by the candidate Angelina Utzeri?

celebrity flash asked the secret favorite because she has stayed out of the whole thing so far. She thinks Rebecca only wanted the best for David at the moment. “But David has to decide for himself who ultimately suits him and whether he lets external opinions influence that is his business,” emphasized Angelina. You can understand Rebecca that Chiara has “a strong personality and a strong character”. “All this time is an extreme situation where I think everyone is just trying to do their best in the short amount of time they have with David,” Angelina concluded.

Despite the warning, Bachelor David ultimately chose Chiara and sent Rebecca home. “It was an intense and emotional phase for me, just like for the women. During this phase I put my gut feeling above everything and my decision was already made.”he explained celebrity flash.