Kerri Higuchi Married, Husband, Family, Bio And Quick Fact

Kerri Higuchi Married, Husband, Family, Bio And Quick Fact

Kerri Higuchi is a South Korean-American actress, writer, and film director. She is married to John Cho, an actor colleague of South Korean origin. Kerri began to draw attention to herself in 2002 when she began appearing in films and feature films.


Kerri Higuchi is one of those celebrity actresses who like to keep a low profile about her life activities outside of work. There is no known information about her age/actual or assumed date of birth, family background, educational qualifications, and life before fame. To no small degree, she has managed to withhold such information from the public, and her reasons are not known.

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But don’t be disappointed right away, because recently many new celebrities have taken up this trend. It is possible that some of your favorite films and film castings fall into this category. However, we can always make an extrapolation based on one or two facts available to us.

If you look at the age of her husband – John Yohan Cho, who was born on June 16, 1972 – and how young she looks, it’s not entirely wrong to assume that Kerri Higuchi was born no earlier than the 1970s. Her nationality is Korean-American, and we know for sure that her ethnicity is Korean.

Kerri Higuchi Married, Husband, Family, Bio And Quick Fact
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In 2002, Kerri appeared on our television screens alongside Jennifer Lopez in the drama thriller Enough as a ticket seller. That same year we saw her again in the film Sorority Boys as one of the actresses, although not as the leading actress. Her other film, movie, and television projects include Mr. Isaac’s own project, which she directed and starred in, Parks and Recreation, the 2009 series Grey’s Anatomy and Flashforward, and most recently in 2010 in a movie called More Things Change.

Kerri seems to have taken a long break from acting, in fact, she is still very much absent from film/film making of any kind, either as an actress or director. She hasn’t been involved in any known project, and since she is someone who likes to keep a lot of the events in her life outside the knowledge of me and you, we can only assume that maybe she is giving something else in her life the attention it so deserves. Probably family, life interest, or another line of work. Whatever the case, it will remain unknown until she makes it known or, better yet, initiates us.

She has not yet won an award or been nominated for one. Her works have been loved by those who have seen them, and it is not wrong to say that Kerri Higuchi has acting talent. Perhaps in the future, her earlier works will be considered or when she makes a new project that deserves praise and recognition.

Family – Married, Husband

Although the details of their marriage, such as their exact wedding day and place, are not known, we know for certain that Kerri Higuchi is married to John Yohan Cho. The South Korean couple had been together for some time before they decided to enter into a marriage in July 2006.

John Cho was born, as already mentioned, on July 16, 1972, in Seoul, South Korea, as the son of a South Korean Christian family. His father was an acting pastor in the Church of Christ and originally came from North Korea. Cho’s family moved to the United States in 1978, which gave him the opportunity to grow up in Los Angeles after his family moved and lived elsewhere for a short time. He attributes his success in life to the fact that he grew up in the USA.

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In 1990, Cho graduated from Herbert Hoover High School in Glendale, California, before studying at the University of California at Berkeley, where he received his Bachelor’s degree in English in 1996. He later taught English at the Pacific Hills School in West Hollywood, California, while working at the East-West Players Theatre in LA, where his acting career flourished.

Kerri Higuchi Married, Husband, Family, Bio And Quick Fact
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John Cho has been involved in films and movies from 1997 to the present day. Not a year goes by without him being involved in some, at least two projects. He is also a talented musician, as he is the lead singer of Viva La Union (Left Zed), a garage rock band from Los Angeles. The band has an album called Chinese Baby.

Kerri Higuchi and John Cho welcomed their first child and a little boy named Kage Chopin in 2008. Their second child, a girl, was born in February 2013. The family of four lives in Los Angeles, California, and there are no rumors about them.

Kerri even appeared with her husband on his television show Selfie in the fifth episode. The show had a total of 13 episodes and was discontinued on ABC on November 7, 2014, because it did not attract many more viewers despite its rich content. The remaining episodes of the show were published online on, Hulu, and Hulu plus.

Quick Facts

  • Kerri Higuchi is a Korean-American
  • She has acted in a project she directed
  • She is married to John Cho
  • Kerri has two kids with her husband, a boy, and a girl
  • She has black hair with dark brown eyes
  • 5 feet 7 inches in her height.

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