Kevin Plank Wife, Family, and Biography of Under Armour CEO
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Kevin Plank is one of those American celebrities that people don’t easily forget after his extraordinary creative skills and business acumen. He is the founder, chairman, and CEO of the Baltimore-based sportswear line Under Armour. The American billionaire began while still a student and to this day his company has grown into a world-class brand that employs over 15,000 people and generates more than $65 billion annually. Read on while we take a brief look at his biography, family, and other interesting facts about the Under Armour CEO.

Biography Of Under Armour CEO

Kevin Plank was born on August 13, 1972, in Kensington, Maryland, United States. He grew up in a Roman Catholic nuclear family and is the youngest of five children of William Plank and his wife Jayne Plank. His father was a real estate developer, while his mother is a politician and former mayor of Kensington under President Ronald Reagan.

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While growing up, Plank played soccer with the Maplewood team of the Maplewood Sports Association. He attended St John’s College High School and graduated in 1990. After graduating, he joined the Fork Union Military Academy where he played soccer for a year. When he left the academy, he went to the University of Maryland, College Park. During this time, Plank was a roommate of Darren Drozdov, and the duo played football on the Maryland soccer team until he graduated in 1996, when he received a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Kevin Plank Wife, Family, and Biography of Under Armour CEO
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During his time at the University of Maryland, Kevin Plank began to develop his business acumen, and his first business was selling roses to Valentine’s Day lovers. Plank made over $17,000 from the rose business, which helped him launch his clothing line called Under Armour. The star first started Under Armour after he was a soccer player who wanted to make sportswear that wicks sweat away from the body.

He first started the business in his grandmother’s townhouse in Georgetown and in 1999, after he advertised in the sports magazine ESPN. According to the ad, his company had direct sales of more than $1 million, and in 2010 it reached an annual turnover of $1 billion. Plank became a billionaire the following year and his net worth was estimated at $1.05 billion. Currently, the company generates over $5 billion annually and has up to 15,800 employees.

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In 2007, Plank also acquired a 530-acre Sagamore farm from Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt. The historic farm is located in Baltimore County, Maryland, and was formerly used for horse racing. He revived the farm and horse racing competition. It currently has more than one hundred horses, about 40 of which are actively training for races. He also has other investments and businesses such as the Whiskey Distillery, Sagamore Pendry Hotel, and the Inner Harbor Water Taxi.

Kevin Plank Wife, Family, and Biography of Under Armour CEO
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In addition, Kevin Plank has received several awards on his behalf. He won the “Achiever of the Year” award and was inducted into the “Sporting Goods Hall of Fame” in 2017. Plank was ranked 16th in the Sports Business Journal’s list of the 50 most influential people in sports business and was honored with the Hall of Champions Award in 2016 by the US Small Business Administration. In the American list of the 20 most influential CEOs – 40 or less in 2013 – he was ranked 4th among other things.

Kevin Plank’s Wife And Family

Just like his successful business ventures, the multi-talented business magnate is also successful in his love life. Plank is a happily married man and proud father of two children. He was married to the love of his life and high school sweetheart named Desiree Guerzon. Guerzon is of Filipino descent but was born and raised in the United States. She has a degree in nursing from Georgetown University.

The amazing couple is said to have started their relationship around 1993, and after nine years of a successful relationship, they sealed their love in a wedding ceremony. In an elaborate wedding in 2003, they exchanged vows in the presence of family and friends. Three years after their marriage, the couple welcomed their first bundle of joy, a son named Kevin James Plank, and then a daughter named Katherine Plank. Kevin Plank currently resides with his amazing family in Lutherville, Maryland.