Kim-Denise Lang (25) shows her new friend! The former Bachelor candidate shared with her fans a few months ago that she is expecting a child and has been giving baby bump updates ever since. The ex of Raphael Fasching (25) has not yet shown her new friend and the father of the child. But now she shared a cute declaration of love: Kim-Denise raves about her boyfriend Marc!

On Instagram the influencer shared a series of selfies with partner Marc – one of them proudly holding up an ultrasound of their baby. “You’re the donut after a hard day, the creamy sauce with my spaetzle. And when someone asks me what I like best, I always think of you first, but of course I don’t say that, I just say ‘pizza is my favorite dish’ “wrote Kim-Denise.

A few days ago, the beauty shared a baby bump update online. Only in the bra she showed her round ball and emphasized how much the parents-to-be are happy about their offspring: “Hey baby. We look forward to seeing you!”