Are Kim Kardashian (42) and Pete Davidson (29) getting along well after their breakup? The reality TV queen and the comedian dated for several months. After weeks of rumors that there was a crisis in their relationship, their final love-off became known in August last year. Allegedly regretted pete the liaison with Kim even. But at the Met Gala they met again – and apparently had no problem with it at all.

A photothat among other things Just Jared is available, shows how the former lovers chat animatedly with the musician Usher (44). Apparently there is no bad blood between them: As well as Kim as well as pete had a beaming smile on their face when they met. Both walked the red carpet unaccompanied.

while has pete now has a new woman by his side: the series actress Chase Sui Wonders (27). “She’s just the best. She’s the best actress. She just rocks. She does so many cool things.”he had just a few days ago in an interview with her Entertainment Tonight raved.