That must have been pretty annoying! Kim Kardashian (42) is considered one of today’s fashionistas – the reality TV star keeps inspiring on the red carpets of this world. Also earlier in the month, the beauty stunned Met Gala guests with her beaded gown. The entrepreneur dedicated the dress to the designer Karl Lagerfeld (✝85) – under whose motto this year’s gala was held. But still before the red carpet went Kim’s dress in the cracks!

How Just Jared reported, be Kim got out of the car and stepped on one of the beads. As a result, more rolled away and rolled over the sidewalk. Her daughter North West (9) collected all the pearls while still on the red carpet. Across from Vogue explained Kim: “They are real pearls, she put them all in her purse.”

There must have been quite a few of them – because the entire dress was made of 50,000 freshwater pearls and over 16,000 crystals. At Kim’s 12 artisans had worked on the dress until it was finished after more than 1,000 hours of work.