So impressive were the words of King Charles (74)! On Wednesday, the monarch was warmly welcomed by Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier (67) – the residents of the capital were also happy about the visit of Charles and his wife Camilla (75) last afternoon. On Thursday, the king began his day in the German Bundestag, where he was allowed to give a speech. Charles’ words evoked different emotions in the audience.

From the start, the royal family member left an impression on the Bundestag. He started his speech in German and dedicated himself directly to emotional topics – he thanked the country for the reactions to the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth II (✝96). He then addressed the Ukraine war. “Together we must be vigilant against threats to our values”, he warned the members of the Bundestag. But then the 74-year-old still made people laugh. “British people love Berlin’s nightlife,” he joked, adding with a laugh: “Of course there is also rivalry. I’m thinking of our football teams…” These little jokes created a good atmosphere among those present.

“Learning from the past is our greatest duty”the king introduced the end of his speech and continued: “We must enable our people to live in security and prosperity that they deserve. […] Our common past and our common future demand nothing less from us. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your attention.”