Reason for joy in the British Palace! For a long time, Prince Harry (38) took part in the coronation of his father King Charles III. (74) questions. The prince missed the deadline for the commitment by a little over a week. On April 12, the palace confirmed: Prince Harry will come to the coronation! An insider claims that Charles in particular should be looking forward to seeing his son again!

The insider explained to The Sunhow pleased Charles was to have Harry on his big day. “The King is pleased to see Harry at the Abbey”, he claims. The king affectionately calls his second son ‘darling boy’, which means ‘sweet boy’ or ‘favorite boy’ in German. “[Charles] wanted Harry there. While he’s disappointed that neither Meghan nor his grandchildren will be there, he understands the situation,” the source continued.

A Buckingham Palace spokesman said Meghan, 41, will remain in her adopted home of California with her two children, Prince Archie, 3, and Princess Lilibet, 1. According to insiders, the children should not have been invited to the coronation because they are still too young.