It is just said that Prince Harry (38) and his father King Charles III. (74) come to reconciliation! After Harry’s royal exit, the house blessing in the British royal family went wrong. The prince was also invited to his father’s coronation and, after a long wait, finally accepted last week. Harry’s separation from his family probably happened around Charles’ second wedding!

In his memoirs “Reserve” describes the younger son of King Charles how he perceived the time around his father’s wedding to Camilla (75). “There was no question in my mind that this wedding took Pa a little bit away from us. Not really, not on purpose, or maliciously, but still… away. He entered a new room, a closed room, a strictly sealed off room,” Harry explains his train of thought.

The prince initially suspected that the marriage between the two was ill-fated, as it was repeatedly postponed for various reasons. But during the wedding celebrations, Harry realized one thing: “But I also saw Pa’s smile, which was heartily unstoppable and clearly Camilla’s cause. [Ich sah]that my father was happy.”