Now it’s official! The Coronation of King Charles III. (74) will take place in a few weeks. Since the death of Queen Elizabeth II (✝96), he has exercised his role as head of state. Since then, his wife Camilla (75) has held the title “Queen Consort”. Yesterday the palace published the official invitation to the centenary event. What is immediately noticeable: Camilla is titled “Queen” for the first time!

A source close to the British royals explained the adjustment Evening Standard. “The title ‘Queen Consort’ was used so that people could get used to it and get away from the queen to demarcate. The coronation is the perfect occasion to officially change this now.”, he explained. All royal consorts prior to Camilla were also known as “Queen” by their given names.

There has long been speculation about the title that Camilla would wear after Charles’ coronation. The late Queen Elizabeth II put an end to this in February 2022: “When the time comes and my son Charles becomes king, I wish Camilla will be referred to as ‘Queen’ as she continues in her ministry.” Your wish is now officially fulfilled.