Did this Let’s Dance performance cause a commotion behind the scenes? In the current season of the popular dance show, Ekaterina Leonova (35) and Timon Krause (28) appear together as a dancing couple. In the last show it got pretty hot on the floor. The two danced an intimate rumba to Culture Club’s “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me.” At the end it was even rumored that Timon and kissed the beauty Ekat’s fiancé Hasan Kivran is said not to have liked that at all.

How Picture now wants to know, the German-Turkish entrepreneur is said to have freaked out because of the performance of his loved one with the mentalist. As an acquaintance of the professional dancer claims to have blurted out, Hasan is said to have gone completely nuts out of sheer jealousy. That Ekaterina “Let’s Dance” repeatedly performs hot dance routines is nothing new, but the near-kiss is said to have exceeded her partner’s tolerance limit.

For this reason, the house blessing is said to be lopsided. Since Hasan is also very traditional, the acquaintances and friends of the pretty Russian are said to be very concerned. Allegedly, the millionaire had even expressed a wish before the start of the season that Ekaterina completely stops at “Let’s Dance”.

Source: celebtap.com