Kitana Turnbull Bio, Age, Family, Facts About The Actress

Kitana Turnbull Bio, Age, Family, Facts About The Actress

The only person who doesn’t love Kitana Turnbull is the one who still has to watch A Series Of Unfortunate Events in which she plays the role of Carmelita. Not only does she complement the great acting achievements of others in the American comedy series, but she is also on her own, an outstanding actress.

Turnbull is a young actress, and although her career is still in its infancy, she has shown great potential to become an actress in a class of her own. She has appeared in other productions, including The Bachelorors (2017) and Supergirl (2015).

Kitana Turnbull Biography (Age)

Kitana Turnbull was born on August 8, 2005, in the United States, where she also grew up. Although her popularity is growing quite fast, one aspect of her life that she keeps hidden from the staring eyes of the media is her family. As a result, her parents are still unknown, and it is not known if she has siblings.

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When she grew up, she had a strong desire to perform, sing, and dance. Just like her family and most other things about Kitana, there is no information about her educational background.

Kitana Turnbull – Bio, Age, Family, Facts About The Actress
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Although she became famous as an actress, she has been involved in many more areas. Before she started her acting career, she participated in a dance competition. She has also worked on commercials for many major brands around the world, including Samsung and Honda.

Looking at her career as an actress, she has not appeared in too many movies. Her first appearance includes an appearance in the 2014 fantasy drama “Monster in a House”, in which she plays the role of Mia. She also appeared in Goodnight Lucy, in which she plays the role of Lucy in 2014. Kitana received another role in 2017 when she appeared in The Bachelors, in which she played Annabelle Westman.

More than the film roles she has taken on are her television roles, including Supergirl, in which she got a supporting role as the Costumed Girl in 2016. She is Minu in the series Shimmer and Shines in 2017 and then she appeared as Carmelita Spats in one of her biggest appearances to date in A Series of Unfortunate Events from 2018 to 2019. Other TV series in which she has starred are Costume Quest (2019) and Puppy Dog Pals (2018 to 2019).

Kitana Turnbull has also starred in several voiceover roles in the TV series Untitled Wonder Park TV Show, Elena of Avalor, and Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero.

Kitana Turnbull is a multi-talented singer and dancer. She started performing at the age of seven. At that time she went to different places where she performed as a solo artist.

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In 2016 she released her debut album “Forever 7”. The child-friendly pop song, which is a piece of original music, has already been viewed more than a hundred thousand times on YouTube. In 2017 she released Popular is Positive, which enjoys greater popularity.

Kitana Turnbull has also performed covers of a number of songs, including Rihanna’s Stay and Beyoncé’s Listen, which also attracted more than 120,000 visitors to the popular video platform.

Kitana Turnbull – Bio, Age, Family, Facts About The Actress
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Facts About The Actress

She is a very good dancer

As mentioned above, the actress is a very talented person who has not only excelled in acting but also has a passion for other forms of art. As a dancer, she has participated in a number of dance competitions, including the National Hip-Hop Dance Championship, where she was the winner.

Kitana Turnbull has done many commercials

She has made many different commercials for brands such as Samsung, Pacific Science Center, Converse, and Super Scale Helicopters. She has also made commercials for Applebee’s, Pier 1, Tide, and KFC.

Social media presence

In social media, Kitana has a fairly strong position with more than a hundred thousand followers on Instagram and a YouTube channel that has nearly 5,000 subscribers.

Net Worth

When it comes to her income, it is important to point out that Kitana Turnbull has several sources of income, including acting and advertising. However, her exact net worth remains unknown, although it is assumed that she is financially very well off.

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