What does Dominik Schmitt have to say about the separation from Lars Steinhöfel (37)? Recently, it was surprisingly announced that the two reality TV stars broke off their engagement. A few months ago, the two were still planning to have children. Lars then announced in desperation that the love-off was by no means consensual – his ex dumped him. Now also reported Dominik in the web!

In its Instagram-Story responded now too Dominik on the breakup drama. “As you have noticed, have Lars and I separated The situation is not easy for me and so I would like to process it with myself and my closest circle first.”, the influencer wrote honestly. Accordingly, he does not want to say anything about it for now.

Also Lars is anything but fine with the breakup, like him celebrity flash revealed. “How is someone supposed to feel who has just been dumped? It came as a shock to me. I need time to digest it all and sort my thoughts and feelings. Of course I’m feeling bad at the moment”he made more than clear.

Source: celebtap.com