The split was not amicable! Lars Steinhöfel (37) and his former fiancé Dominik Schmitt were still talking about children together not too long ago and had wedding plans. But those plans are all a thing of the past as the two are now separated. That confirmed Lars‘ Management, there were probably even rumors of cheating. In the talk with celebrity flash gives Lars now price: Dominik shot him ice cold!

Across from celebrity flash says the Unter uns actor: “Dominik sought the conversation and then broke the engagement. I was faced with a fait accompli.” The 37-year-old has been completely beside himself since the breakup, he continues. The actor explains: “We had plans for the future together, we were in the middle of building a house, we wanted children, the wedding was just around the corner and suddenly everything is gone.”

Also takes on the rumors of strangers Lars reference and states: “I didn’t cheat and I didn’t cheat on anyone.” The reasons for the separation are therefore still unclear. The ex-couple’s planned wedding was supposed to take place on September 23 and a camera crew would have accompanied the celebrations.