Michael Bully Herbig (54) had to pull himself together. In the world of comedians, he is considered one of the greats. His “Bullyparade” is almost legendary. At the moment, however, the comedians are not allowed to laugh with him, because in his show “LoL – Last one Laughing” they fly out at the first grin. But his job had almost robbed his own wedding of the romance: Bully had to hold back his laughter at the wedding.

In the star-Interview, Bully remembers that shortly before the wedding he was with his good friend and best man Rick Kavanian (52) had filmed a wedding skit. In it, the registrar always said the greeting “Grüß Gott” in a very special tone. “So I was standing next to my future wife, the registrar came up to us and said in that exact tone, ‘Grüß Gott.'” I saw out of the corner of my eye rick. He trembled from suppressed laughter“, says the 54-year-old. He then had to concentrate so much not to get a laugh flash that sweat ran down his forehead.

Bully’s friendship too rick seems to have existed for a very long time. The two not only made several films together, but also took part in Schlag den Star in 2022. On the show, however, they competed against each other. In 15 games, the two had to compete with each other and in the end Bully was ahead.

Source: celebtap.com