Laura Maria Rypas (27) Love for her son gets under your skin! At the end of January, the influencer became a mother for the very first time. Together with her fiancé Pietro Lombardi (30), she welcomed her son, who goes by the name of Leano Romeo, into the world. The new mom has already shared many sweet shots online with her offspring. Well betrayed laura also that she would like to get a tattoo for her little son.

As part of a Instagramquestion and answer session, the 27-year-old explained her plans to visit a tattoo artist soon. “I already have a clear idea”betrayed laura. However, she has not yet made an appointment for it. “Still looking for a good tattoo parlor,” she continued.

Laura’s fiance Peter has already had his son immortalized on his skin. In March, the DSDS juror proudly presented his new tattoo online. The name Leano and the date of birth of his offspring are now forever on his forearm.