Laura Müller (22) presents her baby ball. A few weeks ago, the influencer and her husband Michael Wendler (50) Laura’s pregnancy announced. At the same time, they had promised their fans to update them with photos of the baby bump – which they sell on OnlyFans. The couple released a new series of photos on Monday. Posing in it laura in sexy lingerie. The celebrity flash-Readers have to Laura’s pictures a clear opinion!

In the photos, the 22-year-old is wearing a purple bra with matching panties – what the celebrity flash-Readers don’t think it’s great at all: In a survey, a total of 2,019 people gave their opinion on the photos. 84 percent find: Laura’s baby bump photos in lingerie don’t work at all! That corresponds to 1,701 votes. Only 318 readers think there is nothing wrong with publishing these types of photos.

To Laura’s Pregnancy should even have its own documentary RTTWO be sent. However, after many celebrities like Chris Töpperwien (49) or Die Geissens threatened to end their collaboration with the broadcaster, the show was canceled. In a press release, the TV channel wrote: “RTLZWEI has always distanced itself from extremism of all kinds and stands for open-mindedness and tolerance […] that’s why we’re going with the project Michael Wendler do not follow up.”