Tim Katzenbauer supports his partner wherever he can! The building cleaner and Lavinia Wollny (23) have been a couple since 2020. At the beginning of last year, the two were parents of the little one haylie (1) become. shortly afterwards did Tim his loved one a proposal. But that was not all: last December it was announced that the protagonist of Die Wollnys was expecting a new child. Now her baby is born – and the freshly baked father of two speaks up for the first time.

In its Instagram-Story thanks the 24-year-old for the numerous congratulations on the birth. He also explains that the two try to enjoy the time together. Lavinias Partner also reveals what everyday life looks like at the moment: “I’m with Motte during the day with Lavi and the little one in the hospital and in the evenings I drive home with Motte and then take care of everything that needs to be done at home.”

Also Lavinia has already contacted her fans online. She shared a sweet video: In the recording you can see her little boy’s small hand lovingly caressing the mother of two. “We survived the surgery well”the reality TV star revealed.

Source: celebtap.com