Disturbing update from the courtroom! Successful singer Ed Sheeran (32) is currently dealing with a copyright lawsuit. Plaintiff Kathryn Griffin Townsend alleges that Ed got the track “Let’s Get It On” by Songwriter Ed Townsend – her father – and made it into his hit “Thinking Out Loud”. The process is currently underway in New York. On the second day, a frightening incident occurred: The plaintiff collapsed in court!

People reported: While the music professor Dr. Alexander Stewart was testifying on the witness stand in New York’s federal courtroom, Kathryn felt nauseous, then collapsed and was only able to leave the room with help – eventually losing consciousness outside the doors and collapsing. Paramedics were called while she was on the ground. The judge later announced that she was taken to a hospital. Nothing is known about her current condition.

The accusation of plagiarism is mainly about the background chords in the songs, which are supposed to be almost identical. Ed, however, noted in court: “I think most pop songs are built on building blocks that have been freely available for hundreds of years.” As evidence, he cited a number of other popular songs that feature the same pitch sequences: below Van Morrisons “Crazy Love” and “Someone You Loved” by Lewis Capaldi (26).

Source: celebtap.com