This look doesn’t go down too well! The model Irina Shayk (37) is actually a fashion icon for many fans. Whether at events or catwalks – the outfits of the beauty can usually inspire. Just a few days ago she posed on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival. Bradley Cooper’s (48) ex appeared in a leather look that showed a lot of skin. Irinas Fashion decision was mainly made by the celebrity flash-Readers through!

That crystallized in one celebrity flashpoll in which 616 fans took part [Stand 23. Mai, 11.20 Uhr]. 89.9 percent (554 votes) agreed that Irinas Look a little too revealing. Only 10.1 percent (62 votes) celebrate the leather two-piece suit. The brunette just seems to be loving the style right now.

Because shortly after this appearance, the 37-year-old presented her trained body again in a look that showed a lot of skin. Irina completed the outfit with large black sunglasses and red lipstick. She’s guaranteed to draw a lot of attention.