The tracks are clearly visible! On Tuesday, FC Bayern Munich suffered a bitter defeat in the Champions League game against Manchester City have to plug in. After the game there should have been another smack – from Bayern striker Sadio Mane. The Senegalese is said to have freaked out in the dressing room and hit his teammate Leroy Sané (27). Traces of it were in at the Bayern game on Saturday Leroys face to see!

In the home game against TSG Hoffenheim, the German national team player was back on the pitch for the first time since the altercation. There were clear marks from the Sadio punch on his lip. Leroy played with a swollen and blue lip.

After the altercation with his teammates Leroy loud Picture however, used for his teammate. Before talking about Sadio’s possible punishment, he is said to have spoken out in favor of not being punished too severely or even thrown out of the club. Bosses then agreed to a temporary suspension and a fine.