Knossi (36) still can’t quite believe that! The streamer is currently dancing every week at Let’s Dance. He improves from show to show and can’t just inspire the audience with his enthusiasm. Last Friday he even got nine points from the strict Joachim Llambi (58) for his expressive Paso Doble. This pleased the entertainer so much that he stormed off the gallery and, overwhelmed, threw his arms around the judges’ necks. Knossi initially believed that it must be a joke!

“It’s unbelievable! Nine points from Llambi!? Very, very, very blatant,” the 36-year-old was able to say after the show in an interview RTL still don’t believe. In fact, he initially believed the adjudicator was joking. “I thought that was the six… then I noticed: But he doesn’t turn it around”explained Knossi further. When he realized this, all his dams broke and he unexpectedly stormed the dance floor again to thank Llambi. For the streamer, this is a “huge dream”.

“I always judge my performance much worse. I’ve been surprised here so many times, really”shows Knossi also opposite celebrity flash surprised. “I’m just trying to do my best. I don’t worry about how many points I’ll get for it. I try to learn what Isabel shows me and then I get here and the points just come,” he continues .