Which of the new Let’s Dance couples should take home the trophy? In the popular dance show, Friday night is different than before. This time the remaining celebrities dance with other professionals. This change could shift the balance of power among the current favourites. For the judges, at least, that’s a challenge the stars can learn from. But which of the new couples is ahead of viewers?

According to her performance, Anna Ermakova (23) is currently the favorite. She will dance a samba with Christian Polanc (44). Close behind her is probably the influencer Julia Beautx (23), who, together with Vadim Garbuzov (35), will put a Viennese waltz on the floor. With Sharon Battiste (31) and Chryssanthi Kavazi (34) the spectators can look forward to a rumba. The former Bachelorette will sweep the floor with Valentin Lusin (36) on Friday and the actress with Zsolt Sándor Cseke (35).

But the male celebrities also swapped their dance partners once. Turner Philipp Boy (35) with his new professional Christina Luft (33) is exactly like that ann put down a samba. Handball player Mimi Kraus (39) will have to show strength because he and Ekaterina Leonova (35) present the powerful Paso Doble. On the other hand, Knossi (36) and Maria Maksina (25) emotionally at her contemporary. And finally, celebrity chef Ali Güngörmüş (46) and Patricija Ionel (28) will dance a slow waltz and Timon Krause (28) will perform a jive with Isabel Edvardsson (40).

Source: celebtap.com