What do Renata Lusin (35) and Malika Dzumaev (32) think that Philipp Boy (35) is in the Let’s Dance final? Next week there will be the grand finale of the popular dance show. In the past episode, the Brandenburger had been able to get the full number of points in the Paso Doble. But the former gymnast failed completely in improv dance. Nevertheless, he made it into the finals. The professional dancers gave celebrity flash now your assessment of it.

Renata explained to celebrity flashthat it is deserved that the 35-year-old still has a chance of winning despite a dropout: “I think it was the whole season Philip much better. Because of his dancing performance, it was fair in the end that Philip and Patricija are in the final.” Malika was of the same opinion: “The overall performance of the last few weeks outweighs it in the end.” through it Philip generally been better after all.

But the two women probably have other things in mind one way or another. After all, their partners Valentin Lusin (36) and Zsolt Sándor Cseke (35) are also in the final with their celebrities. “We are so happy! But we were shaking and cheering the whole time today”gave Renata to. “I even had a stomach ache,” added Malika.

Source: celebtap.com