Will Let’s Dance soon exist without this professional dancer and darling of the public? Christian Polanc (44) has been an integral part of the popular dance show since 2007. To date, he has 13 participations and two wins and has danced his way into the hearts of the spectators. Now the choreographer revealed celebrity flashwhy he could no longer be part of “Let’s Dance” in the future.

For Christian it’s difficult to get all of your work done while attending the dance show for six months every year. “It’s such a tightrope walk for me every year because I have a dance school, my own online concept, a fitness concept and I notice how I’m always the eye of the needle.”he explained in celebrity flash-Interview. Nevertheless, the program brings him so much joy that he wants to stay for the time being until the burden becomes too much.

In this year’s season, Christian floats across the dance floor with TV fame Sharon Battiste (31). After the Easter break, the two danced a jive last Friday and received 24 points from the jury. The fans called diligently for their favorite dance couple and let the professional dancer and the actress go one round.

Source: celebtap.com