Timon Krause (28) shows his great love! The mentalist is currently making women’s hearts beat faster at Let’s Dance alongside professional dancer Ekaterina Leonova (35). In the last show, things got so hot between the 28-year-old and the native Russian on the dance floor that Ekat’s fiancé is said to have been mad with jealousy. Yet there would be no reason for that. Timon has long since found his great love!

Timon is dating Norwegian-Croatian photographer Sarah Fuchs. On the Instagramaccount of the author, followers only see a few photos of him and his sweetheart together. But the pictures that Beau posts speak for themselves. In January, the “Let’s Dance” candidate shared a couple photo taken in Fuerteventura last summer.

At that point, the couple had been together for five years, she said Timon and called his girlfriend “The One”. Sarah commented on the picture with “I love you”. According to her website, the native Norwegian has already lived in the Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea and the United Kingdom. The couple lives in Berlin.

Source: celebtap.com